The Best Diet to Reverse Heart Disease – A Lifestyle Change!

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It All Starts with a Body Detoxification

The best diet to reverse heart disease starts with the detoxification of the body. Being toxic and overweight is directly related to the onset of heart disease.  healthheartsSince our bodies are designed to be healthy, full of energy, and lean, it is vital that we know how to maintain that status.

Not only are the food choices important, but it is important to include products that will develop patterns for a healthier lifestyle. In order to do this, check out the program below that I have used that has changed the old patterns and habits of eating, and getting rid of the toxins.

In addition to being the best diet to reverse heart disease, this exclusive system addresses toxin/fat/size gain. It includes an educational format that provides a lifetime of healthy results, when it is followed. It has been formulated with a deep scientific understanding of the physiological differences between men and women, chronological age, the realities of lifestyle eating choices, and the addition of an increasing toxic environment. ID-100147070

Ask yourself these questions

  • Do you want to lose fat and size in a healthy way?
  • Do you struggle from the “if I could only lose weight” syndrome?
  • Do you feel sick and tired of being sick and tired?
  • Are you discouraged by all the other “diets” that you have tried?
  • Do you feel toxic and sluggish?
  • Have you spent a lot of money on the latest, greatest promise?
  • Would you like to feel more energetic throughout the day?
  • Have you reached the point of believing there is no hope?
  • Are you confused as to what healthy eating looks like? ID-10045366

So now it’s time to make a decision. What are you going to do about the questions above? Now it is your opportunity to live a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

The DirectionLean™ (DL) Advancement System

This is system of eating progresses through 3 phases to help develop patterns for a healthier, stronger, more energetic and leaner you – for a lifetime!

Prior to beginning phase 1, there will be a detoxification process, and perhaps a pre-detoxification period, depending upon each individual’s state of health.


This phase will help your body to use fuel (fat) for energy and detoxification management.

The Products of the DirectionLean System

  • Brain Instructions (DL #1): This product signals support to the adaptive pathways for detoxification, energy conversion, and to reduce tendencies to store fat and retain toxins.
  • Appetite Instructions (DL #2): This product signals the control of appetite and the utilization of stored fuel (fat) for energy.
  • Cleaning Instructions (DL #3): This product assists efficient elimination for healthy detoxification. The goal is to promote healthy bowel transit time to ensure continued removal of toxins. Any slowdown in the cleaning process will slow down your success. 
  • Fiber Function (DL#4): This product promotes easy, healthy elimination and helps sweep waste out of the colon more quickly. Effective elimination is essential.
  • Night Instructions (DL#5)This product supports the relaxing pathways of the night energy rhythms that complete the detoxification cycle. This prepares the body for a good night’s sleep and development of healthy patterns for a lifetime.


Food Choices: In this step you minimize the dietary sources of energy from carbohydrates and fats.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner: Each meal should consist of a minimum of the appropriate amount of protein (see recommendations below) and a vegetable and/or salad or protein and a fruit. Two servings of vegetables per day with meals are highly recommended.

Water: Every day you must consume 1/2 ounce of purified water for every pound of your body weight.

Snack Basics: Choose from the Fast or Faster Fat Loss option

  • Fast Toxin/Fat/Size Loss Option = in-between meal support of two fruits, one each in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
  • Faster Toxin/Fat/Size Loss = in-between meal support of one fruit either mid-morning and one vegetable serving mid-afternoon or two vegetable servings during the in-between meal support times.

Protein Requirements: This is based upon your happy size/weight goal. This chart reflects your protein requirements in ounces and grans per meal:

  • if your weight is 100 to 125 – 3.5 ounces per meal or 25 grams of protein
  • if your weight is 126 to 150 – 5 ounces per meal or 35 grams of protein
  • if your weight is 151 to 200 – 6 ounces per meal or 42 grams of protein
  • if your weight is 201 to 250 – 8 ounces per meal or 56 grams of protein 

Once you achieve your happy size and weight goal in Phase 1 you will be ready for Phase 2 (metabolic balance).
















Buffalo • Chicken breast • Turkey breast • Fillet • Tenderloin • Top sirloin • Flank steak • Ground top sirloin • Wild game (non-fatty) • Cod • Crab • Flounder • Grouper • Haddock • Halibut • Lobster • Mahi-Mahi • Monk • Mussels • Ocean perch • Orange roughy • Red snapper • Sea bass • Sea scallops • Shrimp • Tilapia • Tuna (in water) Protein powder • Egg whites • Yogurt (non-fat, Greek style) • Cottage cheese (non-fat)


Artichoke • Asparagus • Arugula • Bamboo shoots • Beans (green and wax) • Bell peppers (all) • Bok Choy • Brussel sprouts • Broccoli • Cabbage (green and red) • Carrots (raw) • Cauliflower • Celery • Cilantro • Cucumber • Fennel • Greens (all)  Hearts of Palm • Jalapeño • Jicama • Lettuce (all) • Leek • Mushrooms • Okra  Onions (all) • Parsley • Pea pods • Radish • Spaghetti squash • Sprouts • Swiss chard • Tomatoes • Turnips • Watercress • Zucchini 


Apple (1) • Apricot (1) • Orange (1)  Tangerine (2) • Grapefruit (1) • Peach (1) Pear (1) • Plum (1) • Strawberries (1 cup) • Raspberries (1 cup) • Blackberries (1 cup) • Blueberries (1 cup) 

Seasonings, Spices, and Condiments:

Seasonings may be used in fresh or dried form in desired amounts. Be aware and read labels for msg, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup.

Salt – Celtic or Himalayan • Allspice • Pepper (black, red, or white) • Cardamom • Basil • Parsley • Herbs (any) • Cinnamon • Celery salt • Ginger • Garlic • Nutmeg • Mace • Cocoa (unsweetened) • Soy sauce • Oregano • Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids • Mustard

Suggested Sweeteners:

Stevia • Xylose

Cooking and Preparation of food:

Olive or coconut oil spray (1-2 tablespoons per day) • Apple or red wine vinegar • Non-fat chicken or vegetable broth


You have now reached your happy size and weight. Phase 2 continues the reinforcement of the metabolic conditioning to use fat as fuel, which is the preferred fuel source of a healthy metabolism and to support your capacity for a lifetime of healthy size and weight.

  • Step 1 – Begin using 24BRAIN (both Day and Night) according to your gender and age, and to support your capacity for change. It is also recommended to continue with DL #3 and DL #4 for cleansing support.
  • Step 2 – Begin increasing healthy fats as the dietary source of fuel while continuing with protein requirements based on your achieved happy size and weight.
  • Step 3 – Condition your metabolism for 21 days to use fat as fuel. Continue to weigh yourself first thing in the morning 4 times per week to monitor your progress during this phase. During this phase you are creating a new size and weight set point. If you gain 2 pounds, return to eating as in Phase 1. this will correct the weight gain within a day or two. This reinforces the ability to reduce the toxin/fat/size accumulation.

Healthy Fat Suggestions in Phase 2:


Grass fed beef • Lamb • Chicken and turkey • Salmon • Sardines


Cheese • Cream • Butter • Sour Cream 


Nuts • Avocados • Macadamias • Olives


  • In this phase you will monitor your metabolic conditioning to manage carbohydrate consumption. Continue with 24BRAIN, DL #3 and DL #4 to support metabolic adaptability and cleansing.
  • Small amounts of healthy carbohydrates may now be added two days a week. *Note: excess carbohydrate consumption leads to water retention, toxin trapping, and fat storage.
  • Continue to weigh yourself first thing in the morning four times a week to monitor your progress during this phase.

During this phase you are reinforcing your new size/weight set point. Your size/weight should be maintained at a consistent level as you now understand your energy requirements. However, if you gain 2 pounds, return to eating as in Phase 1 as this action will quickly correct the weight gain.

Healthy Carbohydrate Suggestions for Phase 3:

Whole Grains:

Whole wheat • Barley • Karmut • Millet • Oats (rolled & cut) • Rice (brown & wild) Corn • Rye • Quinoa 


Split peas • Kidney • Pinto • Black • Garbanzo • Lima • Navy


Yams • Peas • Potatoes • Beets • Winter squash • Bananas • Melons • Pineapple

Questions and Thoughts to Ponder:

  • Are you drinking enough purified water to flush the toxins out of your body?
  • Are you having 1-2 bowel movements per day? If not, increase DL #3 and DL #4 until a comfort level is reached.
  • Are you eating foods with chemicals, hormones, or additives? If you are, this may slow down your progress.
  • Are you getting enough sleep? Inadequate sleep can affect scale weight. If not, increase DL #5.
  • Are you eating the same foods every day? Planning ahead and enjoying combinations of a variety of foods will assist metabolism and comfort levels.
  • Are you getting some exercise? Those that add refreshing exercise (such as walking) maintain a higher average of toxin/fat/size loss.
  • Are you living a high stress lifestyle? If so, implementing a stress reduction program can significantly assist in overall well-being and toxin/fat/size loss.
  • Are you following the recommended serving size for protein at all of your meals? If not, you may experience a slowdown in your toxin/fat/size/weight loss.
  • Are you female? Hormonal fluctuations may affect scale weight for a few days.
  • Are you still craving carbohydrates? If so, drink a glass of lemon water and take an extra DL #2. Also, eat a few bits of protein. Protein creates a feeling of fullness and reduces cravings.
  • Are you finding that your plan has been interrupted for a couple of days? If so, it is best to get back on the Phase 1 part of the program and move forward.

Signs of Detoxification

  • If diarrhea continues for a few days, slow down the DL #3’s.
  • If you are constipated, increase DL #3’s and DL #4’s until comfortable.
  • If you get a headache, this is just one of the first symptoms of detoxification.
  • The skin is a major organ of toxin elimination and a pimple or two may erupt, or a temporary rash; once the toxins are released the skin will clear up.
  • Increased body odor is common during a detox period, but this too will pass.


In March 2014, I had the great blessing of consulting and placing my health issues under Dr. Rayce Meyers’ care at Murrieta Chiropractic.

At 62, I had several maladies which included; hypertension, high cholesterol (levels extremely high), Diabetes II, hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, chronic osteoarthritis (right ankle, knees, left shoulder and lower back) and breast cancer (requiring 33 radiation treatments). In order to bear the pain of the arthritis/fibromyalgia, I took hydrocodone and no less than 12-14 Tylenols daily, in addition to all the other prescribed medications. Notwithstanding the above-mentioned, I was also 100 lbs. overweight.

What Dr. Meyers did for me in 6 months is truly miraculous. Within 3 months of pre-detox of my medication/radiation polluted system, following his personalized diet and taking the directionH supplements, I lost 34 lbs. Due to this weight loss, I no longer required 3 medications. After 6 months I lost a total of 57 lbs. and no longer experienced fibro flare-ups. Also, after each adjustment the knees, shoulder and lower back pain subsided. Down went the intake of pain killers. In 6 short months Dr. Meyers did more beneficially high-quality health care for me than any medical professional had in the previous 6 years: Having one illness or another accost me.

During the holidays, friends and family who hadn’t seen me in a year’s time commented I looked at least 5-7 years younger. For me, the benefit is not about the outer appearance (although, as all females, I do try!) or chronological year age. It’s about feeling and being healthier than I’d been in a long time.

I truly believe in my heart-of-hearts that Dr. Meyers has the gift of healing. He is a truly caring, compassionate healer. I most highly recommend the directionH supplements.

Lucy G.

As 2014 comes to a close I am marveling at my health and lack of medical bills. When I started these programs 2 years ago never did I imagine that it would actually be saving me money! Within the first 2 two weeks I was off 3 of my medications for chronic asthma and allergies. At that time I was seeing my allergist every 3 months, getting a shot every other weekend seeing an acupuncturist every other week. Now it is every six months for the allergist and my shot. I have not even met my medical deductible for the year! I actually had 5 out of my ten sick leave days left over for the year. That has not happen in at least 5 years. The icing on the cake is that I am 50 lbs lighter. I’ll confess a put a few pounds back on but I am learning life is a learning opportunity and I continue to grow and change. Direction H is the best thing health wise that has ever happen to me. It has given me my life back and hope for a healthy future. God Bless you all.

Marjie C.

Here’s an additional scoop…Believe it or not

Carbohydrates are 8 times more addicting than cocaine. Some 75% of the people are carbohydrate addicted. The rush of carbohydrates can lead to cravings in the brain and obsessive behavioral patterns. Carbohydrates reprogram the pleasure/reward pathways that lead to addictive dietary habits creating unhealthy metabolic patterns that store toxins, produce excess fat, and promote size gain. Since carbohydrates can make us overweight and sick, it follows that the best and perhaps only way to avoid becoming overweight and enjoy a lean/healthy presence is to avoid excess carbohydrate rich foods that are responsible. Carb Control is an all-natural herbal based formula that puts the support for control back into the minds and hands of an individual. There is a Day Time formula and Dinner Time formula consistent with the timing and rhythms of the human energy cycle. The results are quickly felt, seen and respected.

What Others Are Saying:
“This is a product that the world needs now more than ever.”
“After the second week I was able to have full control over the carbs.”
“I love this carb control product and am so thankful to have it in my life. I cannot imagine my life without this product.”
“The CC product helped curb my cravings and get me past devouring every carb in sight when I was stressed out or needed comfort food. Great product!”
“While taking Carb Control, I did not obsess about carbs. It was easier to “just say no” and I didn’t feel deprived. For the first time, carbs aren’t controlling my life.”

Additional Resources:

  • Click here for heart health ebooks


  • The New Heart Health – by Dr. Louis Ignarro                                                                                                               


  • NO More Heart Disease  – by Dr. Louis Ignarro                                                                                                           


  • Dr. Joe’s Rx for Managing Your Health – by Dr. Joseph Prendergast                                                                          


  • The Arginine Solution – by Dr. Robert Fried                                                                                                                 


  • The Cardiovascular Cure – by Dr. John Cooke                                                                                                            

As you now consider to make the changes necessary in order to reverse heart disease and to have a new and healthier lifestyle, please leave any comments or questions you may have. I will do my best to reply within 24 hours.

Get started now and eat yourself to good health. Click here to discover the best diet to reverse heart disease!

Make it a great day!

Allan Siegel

Founder of Healthy Heart Solution


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26 thoughts on “The Best Diet to Reverse Heart Disease – A Lifestyle Change!”

  1. Wow, this is some great info. I do have a question though, under your “healthy fat suggestions in Phase 2,” you mention grass fed beef for proteins. What about the Dairy section, would you recommend grass fed for those products as well???

    I have read that cows that have been given hormones will end up having some of this in their milk they produce as well. And many cheeses, velveta for example, isn’t real cheese at all. I read some where that you recommend no hormones so I’m assuming that grass fed dairy would be ideal, but wanted to know your thoughts.

    Thx for your time.

    1. Yes, I recommend using dairy products that are produced by dairy-fed cows. Remember also that our diet is most healthy when it follows the design of how are body was made. It’s composition is 65% water, 20% water, 12% fat, and only 3% everything else (mostly minerals and carbohydrates). The biggest inhibitor to attaining optimum health is in the consumption of excess carbs. I’d be glad to discuss that with you further, but for the sake of time, I’ll close with this statement. Sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine. In the American culture, it has resulted in over 50% of the population being obese (approximately 75% are considered merely overweight), and cardiovascular diseases like diabetes are rising every year. If you are interested, check out my website, for how heart disease can be reversed.

      Stay healthy and keep in touch.

  2. Love your site! Lots of help info, and sad to say I read it after eating a jelly doughnut, haha.

    But lots of great info, I will come back here again for some advice for sure!!

  3. Hi Allan, what an incredible review! I can really feel how much you believe in this product because it has worked for you, and really, what better thing to promote than something that has turned your life around! This product is well researched and effective, with step by step progress to make it easier. And let’s face it, these can be hard times making such huge changes to your life! The questions and thoughts to ponder are perfect, as they answer some of the questions raised as I read through. The testimonials are like the icing on the cake (Food pun intended) to hear what others think of the product. Thank you for sharing, and caring enough to offer help to others who might be searching. Best to you Allan.

    1. I appreciate your sincere feedback. In the meantime, while editing some of my posts this morning, I noticed that the links to the directionH system were broken. I have now fixed them. So, if you have any questions about the directionH system, you can return to the post and click on any of those links and it will bring you to the main page of directionH. Also, who do you know that could benefit from this system to change their lifestyle habits, and thus change their health?

      Make it a wonderful and fruitful day!


  4. I so agree with your statement in regards to heart disease. To change the lifestyle is the best natural solution.
    I am such a big fan of detoxification. I had a lot of issues with my heart about 2 years ago. After some tests, doctors discovered that I have an extra bit in my top two chambers of the heart, and, of course, wanted to put me on medication straight away. I was in my mid 40th and really didn’t want to do this. Besides, the medication they prescribed was actually for high blood pressure, but my pressure was 90:60 already. It didn’t make sense.
    After some investigation, I cleaned up my diet, detoxed as much as I could, eliminated bread, pasta , starches from my diet completely, no soft drinks at all and, as a result, I have never started on that course of medication. but I do take a very powerful Co Q10 and fish oil, lots of coconut oil. The cooking is very minimal, mostly fresh vegetables with my own prepared sauces, so tasty, grass fed meet as you described in your article.
    Also you mentioned to condition metabolism to use fat as a fuel. I found it so true. Our bodies need healthy fats and are starving for it. By eating fats and eliminating sugar we may decrease our naturally sweet tooth cravings.
    Great article , thank you for posting and summarising.

    1. I appreciate your comments and feedback. Who do you know that could benefit from this system to change their lifestyle habits, and thus change their health? In reviewing my post this morning, I saw that the links to the system were broken, so I fixed them. You are welcome to check it out yourself if you want more details about the directionH system.

      Make it a fruitful day!


  5. Hi Allan,

    It’s good to see a website that is fully devoted for the Heart.

    Most of us especially those who are in the middle age or old age stages of our lives are having lots of problems with our heart. These problems are usually associated with other ailments that complicate the issue and lessen our chances of survival.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful info. Great Help!

    1. Hi rule2020,

      Thanks for your comments. Who do you know that would like to know about my services to help prevent or reverse heart disease? I appreciate any referrals that you are willing to provide.

      Make it a great day!


  6. Wow Allan, what a great article! I was actually wondering if you could do a review of the DASH diet because I think it is also made to help people with high blood pressure and heart disease.

    I think that plan would make a great add on to your website’s reviews.

    1. Thanks for your comment/feedback. I’m not familiar with the DASH diet, but I’ll take a look at it and do my best to review it within the next few weeks.

  7. Hi there Allan,your testimonial is very inspiring!Honestly to make sure we do away with heart disease and any other life style illnesses,we have no choice other than eating healthy and doing regular exercises.The part of diet i feel you have exhausted every thing and any body coming across your site has no reason eating care lesly.I feel challenged because many are the times i am into junk even for supper,Poor me!I will make sure i follow your advise just to stay healthy.

  8. I do like this site. When I lost 50 pounds, my heart stopped giving me problems. So i know from experience a lot of the topics in this site are both relevant and accurate. Maybe as an extra topic, put in a topic on the heart’s appearances in popular culture. Keep it up

    1. Thanks for your feedback. Can you explain what you mean by the heart’s appearances in popular culture? Keep in touch.

  9. Allan,
    First, I like your disclaimer. There is infinite information found online professional and personal. While professional is good to read, personal experiences are as well, especially when I can relate to the situation. Your thorough layout of both helped me to understand more about heart disease. The visuals really contributed to the information. Anything about a vital organ as heart disease is important that we all should learn. Thank you. Great website!

    1. Thanks, Aprile. I appreciate your feedback. If I can be of any further assistance, please contact me again. Make it a healthy and prosperous day!

  10. Thanks for the thorough list of proteins. Personally I struggle with getting enough protein daily, especially at breakfast. I am unable to eat dairy and eggs, leaving protein at breakfast a challenge. Do you have any recommendations for getting protein first thing in the morning with my diet restrictions? It is a challenge.

    1. The proteins I listed in my post don’t work for everyone. My advice for protein to be taken first thing in the morning is in the form of a protein shake. Here are a list of ingredients that my wife and I use: protein powder (rice, soy, or hemp), almond butter, chia seeds, fruit of your choice. You may also add kelp and other greens. The protein powder we use is called Protein First (it contains a nutritionally complete spectrum of amino acids), and is available at directionH: Although it is a whey product, people with lactose intolerance have had no problems with it. I hope this helps. Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

  11. I was told of a high cholesterol problem that was at a serious risk if I don’t do anything about it. Although the doctor told me that I should be put on medication, I did not want to be on medication and asked for a chance see if I can control my diet and bring it back to normal range. I have a pretty active lifestyle but I believe my cholesterol problem is genetic. So I went cold turkey on meat and really focused on eating healthy. Brown rice, oatmeal, veggies and fruits for carbs. Nuts, beans, egg whites, moderate amount of milk for proteins and other healthy fats. Within 2 months, my cholesterol level went back down to normal range. Even my doctor was amazed at my improvement. That’s when I learned how controlled diet can do wonders and even save your life.

    1. I appreciate your comments, and I’m glad you have got your cholesterol problem under control. However, eliminating meat and eating all the things you mentioned isn’t necessarily the key to a healthy lifestyle. But to each his own. I am providing information that has had proven results. Keep in touch if you want additional information.

  12. What an educational page this is. It has taught me so much. The lists of foods suggested at mealtimes will be so easy to group. So much to choose from. The one protein sauce which I have never eaten is Buffalo. What does that taste like, beef?
    You have also given us an interesting bunch of supplements there, some of which I am going to research with the intention of buying.

    1. Sorry for not replying sooner, but my wife and I have been busy moving and getting domestic things in place. In answer to your question about buffalo, I don’t use it on a regular  basis, but it is beef, and tastes better than most hamburger that you can purchase commercially. Let me know if I can be of any further assistance to your health needs.

  13. I can relate to this article because I just started changing my lifestyle and the way that I eat.
    These are excellent food choices for sure.
    It makes sense to detox your body and to start over again.
    I never heard of the Directlean System before but I am going to look into it because it seems like it would help me even more than what I am doing right now.
    How hard or easy is it to do?

    1. The directionH system, as you  called it, has been a life changer for me.I now know firsthand how bad cabs are for me. It is simple to follow, but a personal consultation with the company owners will make it easier for you to stay on track. Contact me again if you want to have direct access to them by phone.

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