Cardio Exercises At Home: No Expensive Equipment Needed!

The Best Home Cardio Exercises

In my search for the best cardio exercises and the best place to do them, I literally found the answer under one roof. It’s right here at home. Exercising at home is a great alternative for two main reasons: convenience and saving money. As a result, there will be little or no problems creating enough space or having the right equipment available for your home workouts. 
Sometimes you need to be imaginative in order to exercise at home, but there are an extensive variety of powerful cardio exercises you can do to get fit, burn calories, and shed pounds. The following are some of the home cardio exercises you can do at your convenience – anytime, anyplace, and without spending money on expensive equipment!
I will label these exercises by various criteria, including what (definition), why (benefits), prerequisites (equipment needed), and safety (to avoid or lower the chance of injury). Then three different levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) for each exercise will be briefly defined, followed by video clips as a tutorial. 

Jump Rope

What: Turning a rope with handles over and again while jumping over it to the rhythm of music or not (your personal preference).

Why: It is pure cardio, burning (on average) around 220 calories in 20 minutes. Also, jump ropes are economical, require no unique skills, and can be utilized wherever you have space.

Prerequisites: A jump rope, a great pair of shoes, tolerance, and practice.  


      Beginner              Intermediate              Advanced         Men’s cross trainers   Women’s cross trainers                                  

Safety measures: Jumping rope is high impact and should be done according to your individual ability. For the best results, turn the rope with the wrists, not the arms, and land delicately. Just jump sufficiently high enough to clear the rope.

Variations: Jump on one foot, rotating feet; crossing the feet; jump with knees raised high; double jumping.

Best Jump Rope Workouts

Beginner: Alternate 10-30 seconds of jumping with walking (or slow marching) in place for 5-10 circuits. 

Intermediate: Alternate 30-60 seconds of jumping with walking, running, and jumping jacks.

Advanced: Alternate 30-60 seconds of jumping with squats, lunges, pushups, and dips.

Jumping Jacks

What: Repeatedly spreading the feet wide while circumnavigating the arms overhead, then back once more.

Why: Jumping jacks burn around 100 calories in 10 minutes. No unique supplies or skills are required.

Prerequisites: A great pair of shoes (see above reference for cross trainers), a heart in good condition, and a strong floor.

Safety measures: Jumping jacks are considered high impact, which may stress the joints, so go at a pace that works best for you.

Variations: Plyo-jacks, stepping forward with the feet out; doing it on a step; holding a medicine ball; pushup jacks.  

Best Jumping Jack Workouts

Beginner: Use jumping jacks in a circuit, doing them for 30-60 seconds and exchanging them with other cardio activities, such as walking, running, and jumping rope. Attempt an alternate variety of jumping jacks, repeating the circuit for 10-30 minutes. 

Intermediate: Alternate 30-60 seconds of jumping jacks with scissor kicks, squats, thrusts, pushups, and dips for 10-30 minutes. 

Advanced: Add a high force impact to your general cardio or quality workouts by including a moment or a greater amount of jumping jacks throughout the workout.

Jogging in Place

What: Running in a stationary position.

Why: It’s basic, and it gets the heart rate up and is a perfect warm up for more advanced physical activities.

Prerequisites: A great pair of shoes (remember those cross trainers) and a solid floor.

Safety measures: It’s high effect, which may charge the joints, and it can be exhausting. Since there’s no forward movement, it isn’t as exceptional as running outside.

Variations: Press the arms overhead, high knees, butt kicks, wide knees.

Best Jogging in Place Workouts

Beginner: Start by walking, then gradually change that to a run to set up your body for more strenuous activity. 

    Intermediate: Alternate running set up with walking, running, bouncing rope, and step touches. Do each for 30-60                    seconds, rehashing for 10-30 minutes.

Advanced: Alternate 30-60 seconds of running set up with squats, jumps, pushups and dips for 10-30 minutes.

Staircase Exercise

What: Using a staircase for all training, from cardio to strength exercises.

Why: Walking stairs is a natural cardio workout and you can utilize the steps for a mixture of different activities.

Prerequisites: A staircase with at least one step.

Precautionary measures: Watch out for your house pets, toys, kids, and any clutter that might cause you to stumble               or fall. Also, make sure there’s a handrail for your wellbeing.

Variations: Use a circuit stepper. 


       Beginner                  Intermediate                 Advanced

Best Staircase Workouts

Beginner: If you have more than 6 stairs, work it into a cardio circuit: Alternate 1-2 repetitions up and down with other cardio activities, like jumping rope, jogging in place, and jumping jacks. 

Intermediate: For 10 minutes or more, run up the stairs as quickly as you can and walk down to recoup. You can likewise jump onto one step the with both feet and then step back down, or stand sideways with one foot on the step and hop, turning 180 degrees and land with the other foot on the step. 

Advanced: Use one step for pushups, lunges, dips, squats, and step ups. Attempt this Staircase Circuit Workout. 

So that’s my take on the best home cardio exercises…and here are a few additional resources for your heart and general health:

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Now I welcome all of your questions, comments, and feedback in order to serve the needs of everyone that wants to achieve their optimum health goals. I will do my best to respond within 24 hours.

Make it a healthy day!

Allan Siegel

Founder: Healthy Heart Solution






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14 thoughts on “Cardio Exercises At Home: No Expensive Equipment Needed!”

  1. Great article! I’m very interesting in this stuff and how you can train and exercise at home with ease and without spending much money. This is important advice for people trying to prevent heart disease.

    Love the simplicity of the stair exercise. It’s so simple everyone could, and should, do it. Another good advice is never to use the escalators outside the home either, in malls etc. 🙂

    1. Hello Andreas,

      Thanks for your feedback. I agree with your point about the escalators, except that it’s fun to ride them with my grandchildren. Or perhaps going up them backwards would be a challenging exercise.

      Keep in touch with any further questions or comments.

      Make it a great day!


  2. Hey Allan, Just wanted to say that I spent some time here on your site and found some very useful information that I can use in my own life. I do have heart issues and am restricted to a certain weight limit that I can pick up, but otherwise I do a lot of working and I have a stepper in my home that I can pull out anytime and step away while watching tv or if I do not prefer to go out due to the weather. Another thing that I do is hold on to my kitchen sink and do my squats! Working out and doing dishes at the same time. Thanks for your interesting information, I will come back and visit often!

    1. Hello Angela,

      I’m glad that my post was helpful to you, and I appreciate your feedback. Keep in touch, and contact me again if you have any further questions or comments.

      Make it a great day!


  3. hi there,
    thanks for the interesting post it was very informative. A lot of the males families in my family suffer from various heart conditions so this product seems like it could be very beneficial. However, seeing as cardiovascular disease is such a big killer of men and women, and this product can help reverse it, why aren’t more doctors and health experts promoting this solution to treat heart disease?

    1. Hello Adam,

      In regards to your question “why aren’t more doctors and health experts promoting this solution to treat heart disease?,” there are two primary reasons. The first is a result of the traditional training most doctors and health professionals receive, which is contrary to using any alternative approach such as I have found. Secondly, these same medical “experts’ are driven by the use of pharmaceutical drugs, which directly supports them financially.

      However, there are an increasing number of doctors and medical personnel that see the benefit of products such as the one I recommend. Check out this link to view these testimonials >

      I offer a free consultation to you or any member of your family that wants to know more.

      Have a healthy day,


  4. I like that all these exercised are easy to do at home with no equipment or very cheap equipment such as a jump rope. I have some pretty steep stairs at my house. Maybe i should consider using those in my workouts. Thanks for the great advice. Some of these I wouldn’t have thought of.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad that you are able to utilize some of my materials. Keep in touch and let me know if you have any questions. Make it a great day!

  5. A really great article detailing the fast and easy cardio exercises one can do at the comfort of your home. I too, dislike paying for expensive equipment for fitness, and I know several family members who has issues with their heart so this article is definitely helpful. Your videos are also very helpful to those who dont know how to carry out the activities

    1. Thanks for your comments. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions you may have concerning overall health issues.

  6. Been looking into heart health recently and a lot of articles tend to point towards magnesium as well as a for of cardio exercise – have you heard of this mix before? I suffer from an irregular beat and I was looking for more natural ways to deal with it – do you have any advice on this?

    1. I am not a nutritionist, so I can only recommend what has worked for me. the basis for my cardiovascular health is the use of three basic supplements: L-arginine, ubiquinol, and coconut oil. Magnesium could be helpful, but I don’t use it regularly ( I used to take it as a calcium/magnesium combo). Check out my main site, for more personal recommendations.

  7. I found very useful information and tips from your post. You have suggested workable home exercises. Jumping rope and jumping jack are good exercises, I used to do them when I was younger. But now I have some health issues and all I can do is the treadmill. You need a lot of energy to do the jumping rope and I don’t have that kind of energy anymore. So I stick to what I can do, like dancing , treadmill and walking.

    1. Thanks for the reply. It sounds like you are doing the exercises that fit your lifestyle. If possible, I would recommend mixing it up a little and throw in an exercise (or 2) that push you beyond your “comfort zone.” If you have any other questions for me, I am here to help.

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